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Probate and Estate Planning Attorney in Riverside, CA

Looking for trusted estate planning and probate lawyers in Riverside, Corona, or San Bernardino areas? Don't navigate these complex matters alone. Get in touch today for reliable guidance and support.

A lot goes into working for the future you want while also caring for your loved ones and other dependents. However, regardless of your age, current wealth, investments, and real estate size, the best way to face each day is by having a solid plan to secure your legacy.

Here is where the expertise of a seasoned and trusted probate and estate planning attorney is required, as securing your legacy starts with protecting your assets and loved ones. This way, you can have the much-needed peace of mind as you will face each day with the confidence that you have in place a legal actionable plan for the future.

Luckily, Hunsberger Dunn LLP is a reputable law firm specializing in estate planning and probate representation in Riverside, Corona, and San Bernardino areas in California. We have operated in Orange County since 2000 and take pride in providing personalized advocacy. Most importantly, as we say in our mantra,

“Today’s planning is tomorrow’s protection.”

Schedule your complimentary consultation today; we look forward to meeting you and addressing your probate and estate planning needs and desires.

Your Trusted Probate and Estate Planning Attorney in Corona, CA


At Hunsberger Law, we are invested in providing expert probate and estate planning solutions as we understand how vital these legal matters are to you and your family. You can count on us to go above and beyond to offer the best legal advice and directives that align with your current situation and preferences.

Beyond the mastery that each situation we deal with is unique, our probate and estate planning attorneys take pride in providing transparent and client-focused services. Whether you want to navigate the probate process efficiently, are looking to set up your will, establish a trust, or update your existing documents, we are here to walk you through each step.

Ultimately, our greatest joy is helping you actualize your goals and wishes while protecting your assets and property for a well-planned tomorrow, regardless of what happens today.

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Our Tustin office serves Riverside County, including Corona, Eastvale, Norco, Corona, Riverside, San Bernadino, El Cerrito, Temescal Valley, Moreno Valley, Woodcrest, and beyond.

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What We Do

When it comes to securing your legacy and protecting your tomorrow, we are a one-stop law firm for all your probate and estate planning needs. By choosing us, you’ll get to work with a team of seasoned probate and estate planning attorneys who can handle, among others:


After a review of your assets, discussions on your current family situation, and a clear sense of direction on how you want these assets to be distributed after you pass on, we can help you set up a will. We’ll ensure all legal concerns are covered, including how assets not in the trust will be distributed and the appointment of an executor of the estate and guardian for heirs who will not yet be of age.

Power of Attorney

There are always decisions to be made on critical matters, and when you cannot handle these responsibilities, you need a trustworthy individual to take over. A power of attorney enables you to appoint this individual while saving your loved ones from conservatorship.

Trust Administration

During the administration of a trust, you need a skilled estate planning attorney to advocate for your rights and ensure any issues arising are promptly resolved. You can count on us to leave nothing to chance, as we understand how complex this legal process can be if not handled expertly.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Making the right decisions on conservatorships and guardianships is critical, as most situations are emotionally challenging and very sensitive. Our team of attorneys understands this and will be there to ensure the complexities of these legal processes are addressed and that the rights of your loved ones are protected.


Individuals and families who want to avoid probate always go for trusts, making it a primary area of focus for our estate planning attorneys. You can, therefore, count on us to go above and beyond to ensure your assets are protected and that there is a plan for the future of your loved ones.

Living Will

A living will is a vital legal document whose purpose is to provide medical directives when you are no longer in a position to make these decisions. This way, your loved ones, and doctors do not have to make a decision you wouldn’t have wanted, protecting your interests even when you are incapacitated.

Trust & Estate Litigation

Are you an heir/beneficiary who feels shortchanged and wants to challenge a will? Or a trustee facing disputes in trust administration? Regardless of the litigation matters you face as a beneficiary, trustee, or executor of an estate, we can help you navigate these waters while vigorously protecting your rights.

Why Choose Us


Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

Our team has over 4 decades of active experience handling probate and estate planning needs. This translates to a breadth of experience and mastery of how to handle different situations, regardless of how complex they might be.

Fully Personalized Solutions

We know each client we handle is unique, and to ensure satisfaction at all times, we provide fully tailored solutions. Our attorneys will listen to you and get to know your wishes and needs before coming up with a plan on how best to accomplish all these in accordance with the law.

Top-notch Customer Service

We have run our firm for over 23 years, and a key pillar for our success has been our unwavering focus on providing our clients with first-class services. With us, you won’t have to second-guess anything, as we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Trusted across Orange County

We have risen to be a reputable law firm in Orange County, and as our clients can testify, we are very focused on protecting your assets now and in the future. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see reviews from our recent clients.

Contact Us Today For Your Free No-Obligation Consultation

You deserve to make the right choice about who handles your probate and estate planning requirements, given how critical and impactful these legal processes are. For this, we are proud to extend to you a free no-obligation consultation where you’ll have a session with one of our attorneys to discuss your needs before you move forward.

Schedule your consultation today and see for yourself why we are a highly sought-after probate and estate planning firm in Orange County and the best choice for you.

What Our Clients Say

"Hunsberger Dunn LLP helped both myself and my mother with our respective estate plans (the first time for myself and an update for my mother). Everything was done professionally and efficiently. Genene was such a breath of fresh air after going through other attorneys earlier who made things overly complicated and seemed disinterested in their clients, as was her supportHunsberger Dunn LLP helped both myself and my mother with our respective estate plans (the first time for myself and an update for my mother). Everything was done professionally and efficiently. Genene was such a breath of fresh air after going through other attorneys earlier who made things overly complicated and seemed disinterested in their clients, as was her support"

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