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The Skilled Legal Support You Need During The California Probate Process

When your estate administration responsibilities to your family become too much after the passing of a loved one, our law firm is honored to assist you with the job of ensuring that assets and property are smoothly transferred to heirs or beneficiaries during the probate legal process.

The first order of business is verification of the existence of a valid will. If an executor named in the will, we can then petition the probate court for proper appointment.

If no valid will is found that can begin estate administration, family members of the deceased should decide who will act as personal representative and administrator of the estate.

At Hunsberger Dunn LLP, our knowledgeable estate and probate attorneys have decades of combined experience with guiding families through critical decision-making, counsel for what the job entails and who would be best to serve.

The probate court is tasked with oversight of the administration process to recognize the decedent’s wishes in the valid will, as well as proper execution of requirements imposed by California law when no will is found.


Today’s Planning Is Tomorrow’s Protection

Hunsberger Dunn LLP lawyers also provide experienced advocacy for executors and designated personal representatives throughout the often complex, time-consuming court process. We want you to have complete peace of mind that every step is undertaken properly, and that no executor or personal representative opens himself or herself up to any liability for actions that run counter to California law.

The process timeline depends on the speed with which estate information can be collected and presented to our attorneys. Other factors are the number of cases to be heard ahead of yours, and the length of time before a hearing can be scheduled.


Speak With An Attorney About Your Probate Needs

The best way to anticipate pitfalls in this process is by thorough, proactive planning. One of our goals when working with you is to move swiftly enough that a probate court appearance may be shortened or even eliminated. Whether you're in the Riverside or the Orange County areas, we're available to hear your case. 

Pillars of Justice

Let's Work Together

To learn more about how we can help, inside and outside of the courtroom, contact us for your complimentary consultation with our experienced attorneys can be scheduled right now at (714) 663-8000 or by email message. Hunsberger Dunn LLP proudly serves clients in Southern California.

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