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Do I Really Need a Will?

Will being signed with a fountain pen

“Do I really need a will?” We get that question a lot. For most people, a will is one of those things they’ll “get around to someday.” The reality is your will is an important document, and isn’t something you should put off. If something happens to you unexpectedly, a will explains to everyone else on what you wanted fulfilled. Here’s how.

Why You Need a Will Reason 1: Family

This is probably the most important reason to get a will. It will explain who you want to have custody in case something happens to you. 

Think about it like this - let’s say you have a married brother, a married sister, and your parents are still around. Maybe your spouse has the same setup - two siblings, both married, and their parents. 

Who gets your kids if something happens to you and your spouse? Is it your brother and his spouse? Your parents-in-law? Your parents? 

There are a lot of family members around, and some of them are probably less suited to take your kids than others. A will makes sure your kids go into the care of the people you want in their lives. The people who will best take care of them. 

Reason 2 for a Will: Pets

To people without pets, this may sound a bit silly. Why can’t the pet just go into a shelter?

That’s an option, but is it what you would want? As the pet owner, probably not. You want to make sure Fido is taken care of and has an easy, peaceful life. You just can’t guarantee that if the animal goes into a shelter. You’d rather make sure it goes to someone else who will be able to take care of them.

The good news is, this is usually a bit easier than determining who would care for your kids when you pass. Even though pets are our “fur babies” it’s much easier to care for a pet than kids. Plus you probably have a wider group of people to choose from. You may not let your next door neighbor or co-worker become your kids’ legal guardians, but be perfectly fine letting them have your pet since you know how much they love animals. 

Why You Need a Will 3: Family Heirlooms

Families often split when there’s a death in the family and possessions get divided up. It’s not just about money, either. Sometimes it’s about who gets the prized family heirloom. For example, maybe two sisters want a teapot that’s been in the family for years. Who gets it when the owner passes? Without a will, that debate is up in the air. 

The same goes for big, expensive items like cars, china, jewelry or a house. If there is no will in place, it’s up for debate who gets these things. 

Why do you need a will? Because it’s the best way to keep things civil and make sure your loved ones are well-taken care of if something happens to you. Obviously we never want or expect something to happen to us, but it’s good to be prepared. When you’re ready to make your will, give us a call at (714) 663-8000. We look forward to helping you protect your legacy and loved ones. 


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